Upper Rhine
Immunology Group

5th Bench and Bed Immunology 2018


Systemic Lupus (SLE)


 19th, 20th April, in Strasbourg



Strasbourg University


Speakers / Chairs:

Prof. Dr. KORGANOW, Anne-Sophie, Strasbourg

Prof. Dr. VOLL, Reinhard, Freiburg


  • Prof. Dr. ARNAUD, Laurent
  • Prof. Dr. BLANCO, Patrick
  • Dr. CHEVALIER, Nina
  • Dr. GROS, Frédéric                       
  • Dr. JUNG, Sophie
  • Prof. Dr. LORENZ, Hannes
  • Prof. Dr. MARTIN, Thierry
  • Dr MARX, David
  • Dr. MONNEAUX, Fanny
  • Dr. NIETERS, Alexandra
  • Dr. RIZZI, Marta                                         
  • Prof. Dr. SCHWARTING, Andreas
  • Dr. SEHNERT, Bettina
  • Prof. Dr. SOULAS-SPRAUEL, Pauline
  • PD Dr. THIEL, Jens
  • PD Dr. VENHOFF, Nils



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FIRST DAY APRIL 19th, morning

9:30:                      Welcome and Coffee

9:45:                      Introduction (Reinhard Voll, Freiburg; Anne-Sophie Korganow, Strasbourg)

10:00-10:30:       SLE, classification - diagnosis (Hannes Lorenz, Heidelberg)

10:30-11:10:       SLE pathogenesis (Reinhard Voll, Freiburg)

11:10-11:30:     COFFEE BREAK

11:30-12:00:      SLE epidemiology (Laurent Arnaud, Strasbourg)

12:00-12:20:      Kidney and SLE, new insights (David Marx; Thomas El Jammal, Strasbourg)

12:30-14:00:     LUNCH


FIRST DAY APRIL 19th, afternoon

14:00-15:00:       Workshop: Translational research in SLE/ Kidney, Skin (Sophie Jung, Strasbourg)

                               12 minutes for each talk (incl. questions):

                               • Maté Krauscz, Freiburg: ADA2 is a new member of nucleic acid sensors
                               • Mykolas Bendorius, Strasbourg: Neuropsychiatric lupus: autophagy and inflammation
                               • Aurore Meyer, Strasbourg: Neutrophils and SLE
                               • Delphine Bouis, Strasbourg: Targeting IFN pathway in SLE
                               • Natalie Frede, Freiburg: JAK inhibitors in SLE: from mouse models to clinical trials

15:00-15:15        BREAK

15:15-16:15:       Workshop: Experimental models of SLE (Bettina Sehnert, Jens Thiel, Freiburg)

                                12 minutes for each talk (incl. questions):

                                • Lucie Aubergeon, Strasbourg: A novel human SLE model in humanized mice
                                • Alexandra Eichhorst, Freiburg: Influence of dietary fiber and short fatty-acids on SLE pathogens in 2 different SLE
                                • Romain Veber, Strasbourg: Lymphoid neogenesis in kidneys during lupus: involvement of CXCR3 expressing T cells
                                • Quentin Reuschlé, Strasbourg: ERN1 and autoimmunity
                                • Sophia Lecomte, Strasbourg: Characterization of the LN stromal compartment in BW mice

16:15-16:45:      COFFEE BREAK

16:45-17:15:       Epigenetics in SLE (Alexandra Nieters, Freiburg)

17:15-17:45:       Predictors of fatigue and severe fatigue in a large multicenter and international cohort of patients with systemic lupus
                               erythematosus: the FATILUP study (The first completed LBBR study) (Thierry Martin, Strasbourg)

17:45-18:15:       Targeted Therapy in SLE (Andreas Schwarting, Mainz)

18:15-19:30:       Project discussion

19:45:                  DINNER



SECOND DAY 20th, morning

9:00-9:30:           SLE genetics (Pauline Soulas Sprauel, Strasbourg)

9:30-10:00:         B cells and SLE (Anne-Sophie Korganow, Strasbourg)

10:00-10:30 :      T cells and SLE (Fanny Monneaux, Strasbourg)

10:30-10:50:      COFFEE BREAK

10:50-11:20:      Monogenetic models of autoimmunity: Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (Marta Rizzi, Freiburg)

11:20-12:00:      Dendritic cells in SLE (Patrick Blanco, Bordeaux)

12:00-12:30:      Innate immune cells in the pathogenesis of SLE (Antigoni Triantafyllopoulou Berlin/Freiburg)

12:30-14:00:      LUNCH


SECOND DAY 20th, afternoon

14:00-15:00:       Workshop: Autoantibodies-B cells in SLE (Nils Venhoff, Freiburg)

                               12 minutes for each talk (including questions):

                                • Raquel Lorenzetti, Freiburg: CTLA4 Ig treatment induces modulation of B cell function and differentiation
                                • Yannick Dieudonné, Strasbourg: Impaired TLR9 reponses in B cells from patients with SLE
                                • Mélanie Sieder: B cell-derived IL-6 initiates spontaneous germinal center formation during systemic autoimmunity
                                • Erika Palacios, Strasbourg: Lupus light project.
                                • Sonia Heistand, Freiburg: SLE and Rituximab

15:00-15:15:       BREAK

15:15-16:15        Workshop: T cells in SLE (Nina Chevalier, Freiburg)

                               12 minutes for each talk (including questions):

                                • Philippe Mertz, Strasbourg: T cell lymphopenia and SLE
                                • Arianna Troilo, Freiburg: Th17 and Th1 cells in SLE
                                • Adam Klocperk, Freiburg: A novel NOD2/IFNg R2 mutation presenting with infection and autoinflammation
                                • Cerise Guillochon-Petitcuenot, Strasbourg The role of dietary sodium intake on the modulation of Th17 and Tregs

16:15-16:45        COFFEE BREAK

16:45-17:15:       Life and death in SLE (Frédéric Gros, Strasbourg)

17:15-18:30:       Discussion around coffee (Thierry Martin and Reinhard Voll)

18:30:                  END OF BBI 2018


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