Upper Rhine
Immunology Group

Bench and Bed Immunology 2019


28.02. - 01.03.2019, Hotel Stadt Freiburg


The BBI Seminar is directed to Master students of the Faculty of Biology, and of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and to Medical doctors in training, Doctoral students, young Post Docs.

BBI bridges the gap between basic immunological research and clinical immunology focusing on immunopathology of diseases and their treatment.

The BBI is based on the cross-border support by the Franco-German University (UFA). It is organised and held by fundamental immunologists and clinician scientists from Strasbourg, Freiburg Mainz, Heidelberg and Basel.

The focus of BBI2019 will be Immunodeficiencies.




  • Dr. Raphael CARAPITO, Strasbourg
  • Prof. Dr. Stephan EHL, Freiburg
  • Prof. Dr. Bodo GRIMBACHER, Freiburg
  • Dr. Frédéric GROS, Strasbourg                      
  • Dr. Aurelien GUFFROY, Strasbourg
  • Dr. Sophie JUNG, Strasbourg
  • Prof. Dr. Anne-Sophie KORGANOW, Strasbourg
  • Dr. Susana MINGUET, Freiburg
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Hartmut PETER, Freiburg
  • Prof. Dr. Mike RECHER, Basel
  • Dr. Marta RIZZI, Freiburg                                        
  • Prof. Dr. Pauline SOULAS-SPRAUEL, Strasbourg
  • PD Dr. Carsten SPECKMANN, Freiburg
  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard E. VOLL, Freiburg
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus WARNATZ, Freiburg




THURSDAY, 28th February 2019

09:00                    Registration and Welcome with coffee

09:45                    Presentation of the seminar (Reinhard Voll, Freiburg; Anne-Sophie Korganow, Strasbourg)

10:00                    Primary (PID) and secondary immunodeficiency (SID): clinical problem and diagnostic approach (Hans Hartmut Peter,

10:30                   COFFEE BREAK

10:45                    B lymphocyte development (Pauline Soulas-Sprauel, Strasbourg)

11:15                    Agammaglobulinemia (Marta Rizzi, Freiburg)

11:45                    Hypogammaglobulinemia (Klaus Warnatz, Freiburg)

12:15                    LUNCH

13:30                    Treatment of hypogammaglobulinemia (Mike Recher, Basel)

14:00                    Secondary immunodeficiencies (Jens Thiel, Freiburg)

14:30                    SRP54, a new gene for severe congenital neutropenia (Raphael Carapito, Strasbourg

15:00                   COFFEE BREAK

15:15                    TLRs defects (Frederic Gros, Strasbourg)

15:45                    WORKSHOP 1 – B lymphocytes and primary immunodeficiency (Thierry Martin, Strasbourg)

15:45                     B-Cells: Maturation and adaptive immune response (Peter Felixberger, Freiburg)

16:00                     Modeling of early B cell development in Primary Antibody Deficiencies (Arianna Troilo, Freiburg)

16:15                     Defects in plasma cell differentiation are associated with primary immunodeficiency in human subjects (Quentin
                                Reuschlé, Strasbourg)

16:30                     Lymphoma and Primary Immunodeficiencies : a systematic review (Mathilde Herber, Strasbourg)

16:45                     Loss of ARHGEF1 causes a human primary antibody deficiency (Yannick Dieudonné, Strasbourg)

16:45                    COFFEE BREAK

17:15                     WORKSHOP 2 - Genetic defects and clinical aspects (Marta Rizzi, Freiburg)                      

17:15                     Presentation of a new primary immune deficiency (Floriane Kaelbel, Strasbourg)

17:30                     Metabolic changes in CD20ko cells (Kathrin Klaesener, Freiburg)

17:45                     Interaction of leukocytes in autoimmune myocardial inflammation (Lennard Halle, Freiburg)

18:00                     Pulmonary Cryptococcosis and NK cells deficiency (Martin Martinot, Colmar)

18:15                     Lymproliferative syndrome associated with EBV susceptibility- about 2 cases reports (Sarah Jannier, Strasbourg)

18:30                     PID and autoinflammatory syndromes (Philippe Mertz, Strasbourg)

19:00                    DINNER


FRIDAY, 1st March, 2019

09:00                   T cell activation and signalling (Susana Minguet, Freiburg)

09:30                   P-CID SCID T cell immunodeficiency (Casten Speckmann, Freiburg)

10:00                   Cytotoxicity deficiencies (HLH, MAS) (Stephan Ehl, Freiburg)

10:30                  COFFEE BREAK 

11:00                   WORKSHOP 3 – Mechanisms in primary immunodeficiency (Pauline Soulas-Sprauel, Strasbourg) 

11:00                   Germline HAVCR2 mutations altering TIM-3 characterize subcutaneous panniculitis-like T cell lymphomas with
                             hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytic syndrome
(Markus Schramm, Freiburg)

11:15                   NN (Kathryn Payne, Freiburg)

11:30                   Modulation of B cell activation via DAXX-dependent Fas signaling (Julika Neumann, Freiburg)           

11:45                   Cytotoxic function of CD8 T lymphocytes with actin cytoskeletal abnormalities (Lara Althaus, Freiburg)

12:15                   Severe combined immunodeficiency in a mouse model of STING gain of function (Stéphane Giorgiutti, Strasbourg)

12:30                  LUNCH

13:45                   Glucocorticoids, friends or foes? (Anne-Sophie Korganow, Strasbourg)

14:00                   The fight against candida: Why do we need Th17 cells? (Bodo Grimbacher, Freiburg)

14:30                   ImmunoTORopathies (Sophie Jung, Strasbourg)

15:00                  COFFEE BREAK

15:15                   Cytokine pathway defects (Anne-Sophie Korganow, Strasbourg)

15:45                  Workshop 4 – Immunomodulation and cytokine signaling (Sophie Jung, Strasbourg)

15:45                   IL-10 mediates plasmacytosis-associated immunodeficiency by inhibiting complement-mediated neutrophil
(Anna-Lena Schäfer, Freiburg)

16:00                   Abatacept modulates antigen presenting function and memory formation in human B cells (Raquel Lorenzetti,

16:15                   Jak inhibitors and B lymphocytes development (Janika Hüppe, Freiburg)

16:30                   Immunodeficiency induced by Janus kinase inhibitors (Eden Sebbag, Strasbourg)

16:45                   Antibiotic induced IgA deficiency (Olivier Vollmer, Strasbourg)

16:30                   End of BBI – Farewell (Anne-Sophie Korganow, Strasbourg; Reinhard Voll, Freiburg)


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