Upper Rhine
Immunology Group

European Lupus Day 2019


10.05.2019, Faculté de Médicine de Strasbourg, France


09:00-09:30         Registration and coffee

09:30-09:45         Welcoming word (Thierry MARTIN, Jean SIBILIA, Laurent ARNAUD)

09:45-10:00         The 10 most important challenges in SLE (Laurent ARNAUD, Strasbourg, France)

10:00-10:15         Transitional B cells in quiescent SLE  (Anne-Sophie KORGANOW, Strasbourg, France)

10:15-10:30         Drug repurposing in SLE (Jacques-Eric GOTTENBERG, Strasbourg, France)

10:30-11:00         Updates in the pathogenesis of SLE (Patrick BLANCO, Bordeaux, France)

11:00-11:30         Coffe break & SLE Networking

11:30-11:45         A new role for selectins in SLE (Marc SCHERLINGER, Bordeaux, France)

11:45-12:15         Update in lupus genetics (Javier MARTIN, Granada, Spain)

12:15-12:45         Advanced complement analysis in SLE (Véronique FREMEAUX-BACCHI, Paris, France)

12:45-13:45         LUNCH

13:45-14:00         Plasma cell targeted treatments in SLE (Reinhard VOLL, Freiburg, Germany)

14:00-14:15         Improving the organization of care for SLE patients (Marianne RIVIERE, association aFL+, France)

14:15-14:30         Drug-induced SLE: a detailed analysis of 12166 cases (Laurent ARNAUD, Strasbourg, France)

14:30-14:45         The pipeline of clinical trials in SLE (Renaud FELTEN, Strasbourg, France)

14:45-15:00         Advances in the management of cutaneous lupus (François CHASSET, Geneva, Switzerland)

15:00-15:15         How to recognize interferonopathies (Alexandre BELOT, Lyon, France)

15:15-15:30         Coffee break

15:30-15:45         Is there a good way to announce a diagnosis of SLE ? (Olivier PUTOIS, Strasbourg, France)

15:45-16:00         What’s the best way to assess Quality of Life in SLE (Hervé DEVILLIERS, Dijon, France)

16:00-16:15         Predictors of fatigue and severe fatigue in LBBR (Thierry MARTIN, Strasbourg, France

16:15-16:30         From NPSLE to limbic encephalitis (Nathalie PHILIPPI, Strasbourg, France)

16:30-17:00         Mesenchymatous Stem-Cell transplant in SLE (Dominique FARGE, Paris, France

17:00-17:15         Remaining challenges & farewell (Thierry MARTIN & Laurent ARNAUD)


Organized by Prs Laurent ARNAUD, Thierry MARTIN, Anne-Sophie KORGANOW & Jean SIBILIA

Registration: send an email to maria-alice.borges@chru.strasbourg.fr


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